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April 25-April 26, 2017

Palais des Congrès de Paris

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Low-Latency Distribution of Market Data

Achieving low-latency distribution of market data has become one of the most important factors that determine success in high frequency trading. No matter how fast you can execute, if your market data is delayed relative to competing traders, you will not achieve the expected fill rates.low latency

In spite of its importance, key questions about market data latency have traditionally been hard to answer. How long does it take for market updates to reach your systems? How much capacity will you need to process every update without delay, even when the feed is busiest? What impact do the various connectivity options available have on latency?

Benchmarking Report Reveals Equity Traders Challenges for 2015

TradeTech conducted the second annual Equities Market Survey with over 60 senior equity buy side traders to offer an industry benchmark around key challenges. This first part addresses the trading challenges, priorities and opportunities they foresee in 2015.